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Portraits of Grenada

Pure Grenada

Grenada is an amazing island with an interesting story to tell. The Grenada Carenage – (featured in the header image) reminds me of French fishing village with its colorful buildings resting merely feet above the waterline. Outside of the architectural beauty, the topography is mountainous and provides for vistas that drone photographers dream of. White sand beaches, black sand beaches, waterfalls.. you name a beautiful natural wonder and they have it all. But for me the most memorable part of the island is the people. From the small rum shack owner who gave me a free coffee, to the gentleman featured in the first image who made a special vegetarian “oil down” dish just for me, to the spa manager who made sure every little detail was perfect, to the sail boat operator who knew all the best angles to capture the island. There are too many examples of amazing people we met along our journey.

Faces of Grenada
Do not EVER travel with film in your checked luggage. Trust me from experience – I lost 7/8 of the imagery due to X-ray damage.
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